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Ships for sale
Dutch barges, Tjalk, Clipper, Aak, Spits, Kempenaar and so on.
This website is an external part of Multiships.
We are a Dutch shipping agent,  specialized in authentic live aboards and (ex) commercial vessels. The whole world is our work area.

Dutch Barges
Holland is famous by their well kept original Dutch Barges. Many were sold to countries all over the world and became a fantastic home to live on.
There are many different kinds of barges. Tjalk, Clipper, Aak, Spits, Kempenaar and so on.

Buy or sell your vessel
Why would you choose Multiships? We are independent, professional and enthusiastic but most of all we can reach the whole world to bring buyers and sellers together.

Ship brokerage
The first impression must be the best! You see all information of each ship that matters. Exclusivity, we treat your request from start to finish, this gives peace and security.

Other services of Multiships

  • All paperwork
  • Guiding Ship Inspection/Survey
  • Transport assistance

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